Mission and Vision

What is our Mission?

The CCCO is a network for Canada’s capital cities and capital commissions to:

Promote and support the unique and symbolic significance of Canada’s capital cities to our citizens.

Exchange experience and information, and share learning and best practices to support and improve outreach and other “citizenship” programs, activities and initiatives in the capitals.

Build links, relationships and collaboration across capital cities.

Outreach or citizenship programs are those that connect, celebrate, educate and inform citizens around our shared history and heritage, culture and identity, democratic tradition and values. They also foster collective pride and facilitate the achievement of citizen aspirations.

What is our Vision?

  • The CCCO will be a relevant and effective forum for members to collaborate and strengthen outreach programs, activities and initiatives across the country.
  • Our citizens will have a stronger connection to, and pride in our shared:
    • history and heritage
    • culture and identity
    • democratic tradition and values