Canadian Capitals Cities Organization


Working Together to Improve Canada's Capital Cities

Canada’s capital cities play a unique role in Canadian society, with over 10 million people in 14 capitals. The capitals have diverse populations, climates, geographies, histories and cultures, but they share a common responsibility as the seat of government and the symbol of collective identity and citizen aspirations.

How does a capital city stay relevant and distinctive in the modern age? For more than a decade, a collaborative organization has been working quietly to help Canada’s 14 provincial, territorial and federal capital cities define and express their identities. Founded in 1995, the Canadian Capitals Cities Organization (CCCO) serves as a network for beneficial cooperation.

Travailler ensemble pour améliorer Capitales internationales du Canada

Les capitales du Canada jouent un rôle unique dans la société canadienne , avec plus de 10 millions de personnes dans 14 capitales . Les capitales ont diverses populations , des climats, des géographies , des histoires et des cultures , mais ils partagent une responsabilité commune en tant que siège du gouvernement et le symbole de l' identité et des citoyens aspirations collectives .

Comment une ville capitale reste pertinente et distinctive à l'époque moderne ? Pour plus d'une décennie , une organisation collaborative travaille tranquillement pour aider 14 capitales provinciales, territoriales et fédérales du Canada définissent et expriment leur identité . Fondée en 1995, l' Organisation des villes capitales canadiennes ( CCCO ) sert de réseau de coopération bénéfique .

Highlights of Recent Developments

Each of Canada’s capital cities has a number of recent initiatives underway.

What is our Mission?

The CCCO is a network for Canada’s capital cities and capital commissions to:

Promote and support the unique and symbolic significance of Canada’s capital cities to our citizens.

Exchange experience and information, and share learning and best practices to support and improve outreach and other “citizenship” programs, activities and initiatives in the capitals.

Build links, relationships and collaboration across capital cities.

Outreach or citizenship programs are those that connect, celebrate, educate and inform citizens around our shared history and heritage, culture and identity, democratic tradition and values. They also foster collective pride and facilitate the achievement of citizen aspirations.

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